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Let's Try This Whole Blogging Thing One More Time...

I know now why authors have editors. Re-reading your own writing after just writing it is daunting as hell...unless that's just me? Either way, welcome to Unedited | Unfiltered: A brand new blog where I'm just going to write what's on my mind and not worry about editing before hitting the publish button. The biggest obstacle in the way of me blogging regularly, from what I can gather, is the need to editing, so I'm just getting rid of it. Aside from that, I'm not going to edit my thoughts. Whatever comes to mind is what will be written...which brings me to the other reason I've created this blog.

In the past, I've blogged both with and without niches. The blogs I've just created on a whim without a niche have been the easiest to maintain without a doubt. There was no pressure to be perfect because I wasn't trying to be or do anything but write. My very first blog in high school was just about sharing about softball. The second one I made during my sophomore year in college was just a place to vent. Then I started a completely random blog about anything and everything. When I started questioning my gender, I created a "secret" blog as a way to get advice on coming out, transitioning, etc. After graduating from college, the blogging started to become about specific things.

Writer's Block (which is still live here on Blogger) was started as a way for me to get better at writing in anticipation of writing my first book. There wasn't any specific niche, but I was still editing in order for everything to be perfect as it was my "practice" writing. Later on I started Musings of a Transman on WordPress where I blogged about transgender related topics. To date, that's probably my most successful blog just due to the fact that I had one post get over 5,000 views in a few days time - which is a lot for me! Once that started getting tedious, I created The Chaotic Brain - a blog I put everything in to and subsequently failed at keeping up with. TCB was going to be my ticket to working from home. It was going to be my way of talking about mental health as a way to end the stigma. I did everything I possibly could do to make this blog the one - that was until it came to maintaining a posting schedule.

So, here I am. This blog has no niche, no positing schedule, no strict perfectionist editing before posting. It's just going to be 100% me. There may be times when I eventually re-read my posts and decide to edit them, but I'm not going to stress myself out over it. If I get the urge to write about something, I'm just going to write. The whole reason I originally liked blogging in the first place was because it was relaxing and I could get some shit off my mind. Editing and keeping the language "professional" completely defeats that purpose for me. So, Unedited | Unfiltered is my latest adventure. It's not for money. It's not for fame. It's not for anyone else. It's just my newest blog that is only about me getting my thoughts down on electronic paper. Feel free to subscribe and follow this mess - just don't expect anything to be perfect ;)


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